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Energy powers practically

everything in our lives and comes from many different sources: natural gas, coal, uranium, water, sun and wind. Transforming natural resources into energy, and safely delivering that energy to homes and businesses requires the talents of many types of skilled workers.

     In the New Energy Academy we train students for a career in the energy industry, while giving them the skills they need to be ready for any career or college choice. You can see just a sample of our exciting activities and field trips below. Or check out some of our material in the COOL STUFF locker in the sidebar.

     Students who are accepted into the academy will attend four classes a day together: English, History, Mathematics, and Energy. Our academy teachers work closely together, get to know their students and help them develop the competencies they need to succeed personally, academically and in their workplace.

Tier 1: Personal Effectiveness Competencies:

  • Works effectively one-on-one and in teams

  • Treats people fairly and respectfully

  • Acts professionally, demonstrating self-control and composure

  • Is honest, ethical, law-abiding and drug-free

Tier 2: Academic Competencies:

  • Uses mathematical concepts and equations to solve problems

  • Is able to read, understand and interpret written information

  • Is able to write, understand and speak standard English

  • Demonstrates understanding of appropriate engineering and technology concepts

Tier 3: Workplace Competencies:

  • Understands how individual job duties contribute to company goals and operations

  • Works effectively in a team environment with co-workers and supervisors

  • Accepts, understands and completes work assignments with minimal supervision

  • Is able to work effectively within a schedule using correct procedures

 *tiers from http://www.getintoenergy.com/gettingstarted/